Vectron Commander Backoffice Made in Germany

Vectron Commander

Vectron POS Made in Germany

Perfect POS software for networks and ceNtralised data management

The Vectron Commander is the central communication software for all Vectron POS systems. It connects the company headquarters to all branch POS systems and provides simplified data management, automated data transfer and data evaluation. It offers comprehensive information with a minimum of effort. Changes to PLU data are conveniently completed on the central PC and can be transferred to one individual POS system or any group of POS systems. This guarantees that all POS systems work with the same data whilst requiring only a minimum of administration.

Practical data transfer
The optionally available Commander software automatically transfers at defined times – even several times per day – the data from the POS systems to the central PC where it makes them available for back office programs like e.g. special bakery or hospitality software. The operator, PLU and price data only has to be entered into the system once, either via a POS system or a PC. It can subsequently be transferred to an unlimited number of POS systems via the Vectron Commander software or individually configured for different branches. Alternatively, the entire maintenance of the master data can be carried out using subordinate bakery software. And work at the POS systems can go on even during the data transfer.

Communication system
The Vectron Commander communication software allows messages to be sent to networked Vectron POS systems. These messages can be optionally sent to individual POS systems or operators or to several or all POS systems or operators within the network. They are either displayed immediately by the POS system upon receipt or saved for subsequent viewing, depending on the system settings. They can also be printed out as necessary. This handy function saves a great deal of time. Instead of calling all branches individually, messages like “Don’t forget: team meeting today at 2 pm” can be entered once in the main computer and sent with a click of the mouse. A timer function makes it possible to not send the message immediately but rather set the time when the Vectron Commander sends messages to the selected recipients. Messages can also be deleted automatically after a specific period of time has elapsed (e.g. 24 hours) as desired.

Graphical evaluation 
The Vectron Commander software provides among others the basis for extensive analyses and reports. POS system data is read out via the Commander and for example forwarded to special back office programs. The current version now uses an interface to Microsoft Excel 2007 to process the data to clear tables including graphic diagrams. You can further process the tables and diagrams according to your demands.