Vectron POS M2347
Vectron POS M2347

Vectron POS Touch 15 II
Vectron POS Touch 15 II

Vectron POS Touch 12 II
Vectron POS Touch 12 II

Vectron POS M2347
Vectron POS M2347


The POS software features numerous special functions for the hospitality industry, e.g. selection windows can open automatically in order to ask whether a steak should be „rare“, „medium“ or „well-done“ when ordering.

Graphic table plans, guest check split and much more

Vectron POS systems show waiting staff which guest checks are open and what the balance is. POS systems with touch screens display the restaurant’s graphic table plan on their screens. Open and closed guest checks are differentiated on screen via a colour coding system. Thanks to the timer function the graphical table map in the POS system shows those tables that did not order for a certain time. This alerts the staff who can then ask the guests for further requests.

Guest check split or guest check move

Guest checks belonging to guests at one table can be split simply with the aid of Vectron POS systems. Systems with touch screens simplify this function even further. The dishes and beverages which are being paid for separately are marked on the monitor, and the guest check is then split automatically, avoiding time-consuming manual separation and addition. The POS systems are also equipped with a guest check move function in the event that guests choose to sit at another table or guest checks are combined.


Table assignment

Precise single authorizations serve for assigning tables to individual waiters so that others can no longer book to these guest checks. It is possible to determine which staff members may void bookings or be granted superior authorisations, for example voiding an open receipt or cancelling mandatory guest check allocation on an individual basis. These individual authorisations also facilitate the creation of a sophisticated commission system. New staff members will find it easy to familiarise themselves with the POS system functions via the integrated training mode.

Guest check floating

​The straightforward internal networking approach favored by Vectron POS systems means that each POS system has access to all guest checks at all times. Thus, waiting staff are not bound to a specific POS system when inputting orders or finalizing guest checks, and can thus use another system in the event that a colleague is using the one nearest the table in question.

Information Texts/Recipes

When creating PLUs in the system, it is possible to save up to five different pieces of information with a maximum of 99 characters e.g. abbreviated PLU descriptions for use by waiting and kitchen staff, detailed PLU descriptions and information for customer invoicing in different languages. Furthermore, there is also the option of saving one additional piece of information per PLU in the system – e.g. a cocktail recipe – with up to 1,000 characters. Entering optional additional information for kitchen staff during the ordering process is also possible.

Docket / Tickets Printing

A total of up to nine tickets per PLU can be printed out in addition to the receipts. These help staff members to match the prepared meals and drinks to the individual guest checks. These tickets are numbered and can contain optional information such as the guest check number, date, time and operator name. Additionally, dockets for various sections can be printed to their respective section. It is also possible to send multiple sections to one printer. For eg. Full order for starters, mains and dessert is sent to the controller to monitor what is the food ordered in different sections.

Sequenced Groups

This option enables you to print the items on the receipt in a preassigned sequence irrespective of the order in which they were entered, for example, according to starter, main course and dessert. The diverse range of options available mean that the receipt and ticket system can be individually customised according to operating procedures. These default sequences can be individually amended e.g. the carpaccio can be selected as a main course or the salad can be chosen to accompany a starter. All these receipt systems can be combined.

Individual and Standard Receipts

When entering master data, each PLU is stored in the system as an individual, multiple individual or standard receipt. An almost unlimited number of printers can be controlled via the system. Each PLU can be allocated to five direct target printers that can be used to print out the relevant receipt. The receipts are transferred to a preassigned substitute printer if any errors occur.

The receipts can contain optional information such as date, time, operator name etc. for ease of classification at a later point and can are generally freely configurable.

Time-Controlled Price Adjustments / Happy Hour

Vectron POS systems enable special promotions such as a "happy hour" to be setup thanks to daily and hourly price adjustments. The POS system is programmed to automatically change to the adjusted prices at a specific time – either in the form of a percentage-based discount or a reduced fixed price. These options can also be used in parallel. While one time domain can operate with percentage-based adjustments, another can use fixed prices. Up to three interdependent time domains are available for use. Price adjustments only come into force at a programmed point in time and these prices are automatically converted back to the normal prices by the system after the adjustment period has expired. Specific PLUs and departments can be excluded from a price adjustment if desired. For example, in the event that specific alcoholic drinks should not be on sale at "happy hour" prices. Vectron POS systems also enable you to define up to ten price levels for different target groups such as regular customer prices or staff prices.

Kitchen Video Monitors

Vectron POS systems integrate with kitchen video monitors. The monitors can work in a network allowing different areas to monitor other areas. For eg. Pizza section can see that Steak is still not on the grill. They can wait to see when steak goes on the grill to then put the pizza in the oven. This helps with the timing of the food produced and delivered at the appropriate time and highest quality to the customer.