Pubs, bars & night clubs

The POS software offers numerous special functions for pubs, bars and night clubs and is flexibly adjustable to most individual demands. The POS functions are easy to grasp, and their high automation level effectively optimises what are usually time-consuming routine tasks. They relieve sales staff, eliminate sources of error and improve levels of customer care.

Hold Buffer Floating / Smooth Operator Transfers

Vectron POS systems permit several open receipts from different operators to be saved simultaneously in order to ensure that no POS system is blocked during the product selection or advice phases. It is possible to switch between receipts at the touch of a button or through contact with an electronic operator key. In the event that more than two operators are sharing one POS system, an optional operator list provides a quick overview. This enables each operator to view and directly select his or her sales process. This is extremely helpful in a bar where the bar tender starts to register the sales for a customer and moves away form the POS. Another bar tender can then use the POS to do his sales. When the first bar tender goes back to the POS his original sale sis already registered waiting to be completed.

Multiple Cash Drawers

Vectron POS leading hardware has the capability to connect upto 4 cash drawers to one POS. This is helpful to allocate each bar tender a separate cash drawer. Using this facility ensures that no bar tender shares money with another bar tender to have accurate cash up process.

Integration with Cameras

Vectron POS connects to most camera systems. All transactions of the POS are sent to the camera as an overlay. You do not have to wait to the printer to print a slip to show on the camera. This feature helps you identify what the operator registered at the POS and which articles were given to the customer. For eg. Bar Tender can register 2 x Beers at the POS but gives them 4 x Beers. You will be able to view on the camera and hold the bar tender accountable for theft.

Stock Overview

Vectron POS systems enable all incoming goods to be recorded quickly upon arrival. Incorrect delivery amounts can be identified immediately because the bakery software is able to transfer the delivery notes directly to the POS system from the company headquarters. The POS system carries out an immediate target/actual comparison and returns the actual values to the bakery programme. In the event that a tray of cakes is missing, its whereabouts can thus be quickly ascertained without delay. In combination with the immediate registration of all sales and returns in the POS system, this facilitates a reliable and current overview of existing PLU stock levels.

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