The merchandise management and food costing system for demanding needs

With Orgasoft.NET you have access to one of the most modern merchandise management systems that combines the latest technology with decades of experience. At the same time, Orgasoft.NET offers an unprecedented functionality for retailers with the focus on networking even different branches .


With Orgasoft.NET, both centralized and decentralized merchandise management structures can be mapped equally. The unique feature of Orgasoft.NET is the control and management of a wide variety of assortments and forms of operation in a single system as well as the connection of various POS systems of almost all manufacturers. As a result, new business areas can be seamlessly integrated into the system in the shortest possible time.

Maximum benefit through targeted use

Orgasoft.NET covers the unique features of all retail and hospitality industries in an unprecedented depth of functionality. Thus, the recipe management for food and beverages is just as detailed as the color and size management of textiles or the batch management for food.


Orgasoft.NET helps you achieve the following goals:


  • Reduction of purchasing costs through integrated invoice control

  • Reduction of inventory differences through seamless money and goods control

  • Increased liquidity through optimal stock levels and avoidance of shortage costs

  • Drastically reduced IT administration through a central installation

  • Unlike other solutions, Orgasoft.NET is able to conveniently model different store structures and different assortments within a single installation


Simple operation with maximum flexibility

In addition, over 50 interfaces to various POS systems offer the user a high degree of investment protection!


Equipped with the modern ribbon technology and a unique layout technique for a flexible desktop design, the consistent construction on the modern Microsoft .NET platform means a high and long-term investment protection as well as numerous technical advantages such as a faster performance with a lower hardware load.  The operation of Orgasoft.NET inventory management is uniform and comfortable. So you can put together your individual desktop of different building blocks depending on the area of application. In this way, you can display exactly the data you need, both per user and per activity. Naturally, you can save the customized arrangements at any time and call them up again, depending on the application. Of course, you can also open windows of different modules at the same time, and change between the different screens at any time (eg article entry parallel to goods receipt). And if this is not enough for you, you can create your own windows individually using the Desktop Designer module!

Modular design ensures a low-cost investment

Orgasoft.NET is modular. So we can offer you an attractive entry price of our system. Of course, modules that you do not need at the beginning can be activated later at any time without much effort. The data relevant for the unused modules (eg in the case of statistics modules) are only managed once the module has been activated. In this way, the data volume is kept as low as possible according to your requirements

Windows 10 Compatible
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