Bar and Kitchen Manager

booq kitchen video monitor

The booq Bar / Kitchen Manager streamlines communication between the ordering, pass and the kitchen. All orders that are entered at a hand terminal or cash register are automatically transferred as digital receipts to handy touch screens on the right part. An employee can easily start or complete them there. The individual items of an order appear in the most convenient order for efficient processing on the receipt. Where you want to place a screen, you decide for yourself. For example, if table 9 orders the salmon and the steak, the salmon appears on the screen of the fish department and the steak on the meat department screen. Both chefs receive a warning when their colleague starts with this voucher so that they can time their dishes perfectly. A release screen is also possible.

Control and Overview​

Where you would like to place a bar or kitchen screen, you can decide yourself: bar, fish, pizza, pasta, grill, desserts etc. For example, if table 9 orders Steak, pizza and grilled fish, the steak will appear in the grill section, the pizza in the pizza section and fish in mains. When the grill starts with the steak, pizza and fish are made aware so that they can start prep and cook so that all dishes are ready at the same time. A screen for the pass is also available so that the controller can see which dishes are ready to be served.

  • At a glance overview of current orders

  • Option to prioritize dishes (VIP) and warning during table move

  • Possibility to merge receipts by area or employee

Booq Control and Overview

Benefits Bar Manager

The digital receipts appear on the Bar Manager screen witht he individual items in the most convenient sequence. For example beers and hot drinks with coffee or tea at the end. This way coffee is served as warm as possible and then the beer arrives with a nice head of foam. On the bar screen, the item order can be generated on the basis of the packing behind the bar as well. Thanks to the special colour coding, receipts form different sections have own colour, for example, red for inside, blue for first floor and green for outside garden area. The bar employee can add the same waiters/sectiosn orders together so that the runners can efficiently deliver orders at the same time.

  • Work Faster

  • No quality loss orders

  • More time for hospitality and better service

Booq Benefits Bar Manager

QSR/Fast Service

The quick service industry also benefits from the booq kitchen manager. With the aid of clear icons, it can be indicated per order whether it is consumed in the store, is a takeaway, delivery or later collection. Paperless work and rest on the floor, based on your wishes. The customer can also see on the display screen how far their order is and lets them know when the order is ready to be collected.

  • Process super-fast orders

  • Brightness type of order thanks to special icons

  • Optimised for fast- service flexibility

  • Pick up/ Order status screen

Booq QSR/Fast Service