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In additional to the Vectron POS restaurant features, the Vectron POS software offers numerous special functions for QSR fast food demands. The POS functions are easy to grasp, and their high automation level effectively optimises what are usually time-consuming routine tasks. They relieve sales staff, eliminate sources of error and improve levels of customer care.

Hold Buffer / Smooth Operator Transfers

Vectron POS systems permit several open receipts from different operators to be saved simultaneously in order to ensure that no POS system is blocked during the product selection or advice phases. It is possible to switch between receipts at the touch of a button or through contact with an electronic operator key. In the event that more than two operators are sharing one POS system, an optional operator list provides a quick overview. This enables each operator to view and directly select his or her sales process.

Kitchen Video Monitors / Pickup Counters

Vectron POS systems integrate with kitchen video monitors. The monitors can work in a network allowing different areas to monitor other areas with a work flow. The process is pre-defined and ordered can be transferred to different sections once it is complete in a certain section. Additionally, a separate monitor showing customer how far their order is can be displayed. Detailed reporting for every stage is also possible.

bonVito Customer Loyalty

Integration and real time processing of any bonVito loyalty pints of free items takes place across the counter. As soon as the customer scans their card the details are displayed to the operator. Campaigns and any discounts are automatically calculated and the customer is rewarded at the same time of the transaction.

Self Ordering Kiosks

Vectron POS and Kitchen Monitors integrate to self ordering kiosks. Customer can goto a kiosk, place and order and make payment at the kiosk. It is also possible to order at the kiosk and pay at the cashier. Once the order is places it is sent to the processing area/kitchen to either kitchen monitors or docket slips. Self Ordering Kiosks increase the efficiency and customer satisfaction. Operators can now focus more on customer experience and satisfaction instead of taking customer orders.

Takeaway Sales

It is possible to define in the Vectron POS if the customer wishes to have a sit down or take away. This assists in clear instructions to the kitchen how the food needs to be served. Additionally, reports can also be generated to see how much was done in take-away sale compared to sit down sale.

Practical Logistical Functions

Vectron POS systems manage several data levels per PLU. In this way, they are able to manage returns, staff consumption or inventory figures in addition to sales quantities. Predetermined units of delivery per product ensure, for example, that tray baked cakes can only be ordered as a complete tray. Alternatively, products can be subdivided. For example, cream cakes with the PLU number 1001 can be subdivided into 1001-1, 1001-2, etc., where the final number denotes the various delivery rounds via which the cakes are delivered. Blocked delivery rounds are faded out in order to avoid entry errors from the outset. Saved minimum order amounts guarantee the basic supply of specific PLUs and maximum order entries prevent expensive incorrect orders.

Stock Overview

Vectron POS systems enable all incoming goods to be recorded quickly upon arrival. Incorrect delivery amounts can be identified immediately because the bakery software is able to transfer the delivery notes directly to the POS system from the company headquarters. The POS system carries out an immediate target/actual comparison and returns the actual values to the bakery programme. In the event that a tray of cakes is missing, its whereabouts can thus be quickly ascertained without delay. In combination with the immediate registration of all sales and returns in the POS system, this facilitates a reliable and current overview of existing PLU stock levels.

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