Cash Management CK + NCK
Cash Management CK + NCK
Cash Management CK + ALU
Cash Management CK + ALU

Cash management

modular and scalable

Up to four banknote modules working simultaneously

Cash Management CK +


Cash Management CK +3


Cash Management CK +2


Cash Management CK +4


Cash Management


  • Accepts, pays out, recycles and validates all coins from 10cents to R5

  • Up to 3.673 coins for change

  • Speed of coin input:  10 coins/second

  • Input capacity (validation):  up to 30 mixed denomination coins

  • Output speed:  6 coins//second

  • Output capacity:  up to 50 coins

Cash Management

Each coin has its own hopper.

Maximum reliability and speed

Cash Management

Accepts, validates and pays out all coins

banknotes (per module)

  • Accepts and validates all banknotes from 10 cents to R5

  • Recycles and pays out 2 denominations (configurable)

  • Banknotes for change:  up to 120 (60 + 60)

  • Input capacity:  one at a time

  • Speed of accepting and validating banknotes:  2.3 seconds/banknote

  • Output capacity:  one at a time

  • Banknote output speed:  1.3 seconds/banknote

  • Closed collection box with capacity for up to 600 banknotes, from R10 to R200

Cash Management
Cash Management